Thursday, 6 February 2014


A few weeks ago I decided to take a trip to the salon to get my ends trimmed as my split ends and constantly changing my hair colour had left my hair feeling dry and brittle.
I don't usually go to the salon as I prefer to cut my own hair but as my hair was in such a bad way I decided to put the scissors in the hands of someone else and hope that they didn't mess it up.

I decided that as I was only going for a trim, I didn't want to spend a fortune and so I took a trip to my local Supercuts salon where it was only £9.
The lady cutting my hair asked me what products I used to look after my hair, and when I told her that I was using moisturising hair products she told me off (not literally). She advised that I should use hair products that would strengthen my hair first, and then use moisturising products later once my hair was healthier again. She showed me the Redken Extreme range that they had in stock and so I took a look.


I've heard of Redken products through many bloggers who have colour treated their hair, and most have said good things about them. As I was a little bit of a newbie to this range, my stylist told me to get the mini set which would enable me to try out the products before paying full price for the larger versions.

This set was priced at £11.50 but when it went throughout the till it came up as £6 - bargain!
It includes a 50ml bottle of the Extreme Shampoo, a 30ml bottle of the Extreme conditioner and a 50ml bottle of the Extreme Anti-Snap leave in treatment.
I was told to use the leave in treatment every other wash and to use the other two every time I washed my hair until it was stronger and healthier.

As cliché as this sounds, this stuff actually works. I noticed a difference in the condition of my hair from the first wash. My hair was tangle free and much easier to manage. 
My favourite from the set is the Anti Snap leave in treatment. I apply this every other wash and I just feel like my hair is so much stronger due to this product alone. I think that I'm going to purchase the full version of this.

Have you tried Redken products?
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  1. I haven't as I was always put off by the price, but the positive reviews keep persuading me to give it a go especially as I have dry/bleached hair. What a bargain for £6!

    Jen xx

  2. I haven't tried redken before, but with the state my hair's been in recently, I think I'm going to have to invest in something like this.
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  3. What a bargain I've used redken before they have a fab product you use before blow drying to xx xx

  4. I love Redken! It has saved and treated my hair through many bad times!


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