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Nip+Fab Laser Fix In A Box | £8.48 buy here

I managed to pick this up from Tesco just before the New Year, and I guess I was pretty lucky as they were selling for £5 in store and sold out pretty quickly. The last time I checked, these were still available online but for £8+ instead.

I'm not usually one to worry about wrinkles as I'm only 22, but I do like glycolic products.
Glycolic acid can help with anti ageing (which this set does) but it's also good for acne prone skin, blemishes skin and discoloured skin as glycol acid is an exfoliator which safely removes the outer layer of dead skin cells.

I haven't noticed any difference not he wrinkle side after using this set, but I did notice a difference in my skin.
I've been using this set for just over a month, every night. My skin feels softer and I think it looks brighter than before I started using it.

The Glycolic Fix Cleanser is meant to be a foaming cleanser, but I don't think that it's very foamy (which I don't mind). It does clean very well though. I remove my make up before I use this, yet dirt still comes off my face after I've use this cleanser. It's gentle on your skin too and don't leave your skin feeling heavy or clogged up.

The Glycolic Scrub Fix is a little gritty and can hurt on sensitive skin so be aware of that before using it. I mainly use this around my t-zone as I feel that thats the areas of my face that needs more attention. It leaves my face feeling clean and refreshed.

The Instant Radiance and Overnight Wrinkle Fix are both great little moisturisers. I pop the Overnight one on before bed and I wake up with really soft skin. The Instant Radiance one is for the day time, but I only wear this when I'm not doing much during the day, such as the weekends when I'd only be popping to Tesco to do the shop. 

I really like the cleanser and the scrub from this set, as the two moisturisers are like any other moisturisers really. But you can't complain when it was only £5.

Did you manage to get this? Have you used Nip+Fab before?
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  1. What a bargain! Even for £8.49 full price it's still worth getting just to try the products.
    I am tempted by this :p

    Peach Pow XO

  2. Ooh this sounds really good, I'm only 19 and I'm already seeing a slight smile line which sucks! Definitely need to check this set out, even at £8.49 it seems a great price.
    Alice | Blog | YouTube | xxx

  3. I have tried a few bits from NIP + FAB and I quite liked them :) lovely post
    The Jewel Beauty Blog - Beauty & Lifestyle <3 *Elemis Giveaway Live*

  4. £5?! So jealous I didn't get it then. But over £8 isn't bad either. I've been wanting to try the cleanser for a while now xx

  5. I've never used this before but it is so good for under £9! Xx


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