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The transitions from the period after Christmas to spring time is always one that I find unpredictable. The weather is always crazy and therefore my choice of colour tends to stick to monochrome (although I'm like that throughout the year...)

close up of Chanel 'Cosmic'

From L-R: Essie 'Adore-a-ball', Barry M Gelly 'Lychee', Models Own 'Sophie's Pink', Avon Speed Dry 'Red Wine', Chanel 'Cosmic'

From L-R: Essie 'Adore-a-ball', Barry M Gelly 'Lychee', Models Own 'Sophie's Pink', Avon Speed Dry 'Red Wine', Chanel 'Cosmic'

For me, you can never go wrong with nude nails as they practically go with everything and are acceptable in most situations. 'Adore-a-ball' by Essie is a milky white colour which leaves a nice finish on the nails. It's quite thin so you have to apply a few coats in order to get the white shade, but I prefer it thin anyway as it gives my nails a sort of finished glossy look.

'Lychee' by Barry M is a shade I think more people own. It's a perfect nude colour which is perfect for the office. As it's a gelly nail varnish by Barry M, it's really thick and you only need one coat to achieve a good colour and coverage. It lasts a pretty long time too, although I do find that Barry M nail varnishes take ages to dry.

When I'm feeling a bit more spontaneous or when I think I'm wearing too much black I tend to go for a bright colour on my nails. A colour that I've been loving recently is 'Sophie's Pink' by Models Own. It's a typical Barbie pink, lasts ages without chipping and drys fairly quickly. 

For evenings or events I've been loving Avon Speed Dry in 'Red Wine'. It's a brilliant dark berry red colour (just like red wine...) and drys in record time. The only issue I have with this is that I find it chips very easily if I don't wear a top coat. But other than that I absolutely love it.

Lastly, my dark nail colour that I go to a lot is Chanel's 'Cosmic'. It's a black colour with tiny silver flecks in it which catch the light very nicely. It's so hard trying to photograph the silver flecks as they really are tiny. You do need a few coats of this in order to get the colour, but once you get it, it lasts for a good time.

What are your current favourite nail colours?

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  1. Love that Barry M colour, sandy beige colours are my favourite neutral look to go for when painting my nails!

  2. The Avon Red shade is gorgeous!

  3. Barry M's Lychee looks amazing! I love nude nails! xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM


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