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I wrote a post on 'How to stay organised with work, uni and keeping a blog' which went down quite well. This time I'm focusing more on blogging as I know a little more about it than I did last year. Hopefully you'll find these tips useful and you won't lose your blogging mojo!

My FiloFax has been my lifeline for the past 4 years. I write down literally everything from everyday information, events, schedules, which blog post is going up when, deadlines for university, meetings, times, birthdays etc. I literally would be lost without it. I've recently upgraded in size to the 'personal' size which is slightly bigger than my old 'pocket' size (see here) I felt like I needed an upgrade as my old one had lasted me for 4 years (and it's still going strong!) and these days I have so much more to write and I felt that I needed more room.
I actually bought this one from Tesco for £14 which is a bargain if you ask me because other places sell them for £20+
If you don't have an organiser or a FiloFax then I'd suggest getting one as it's so much easier to manage your life this was, as well as your blog.

I have two main note books this year for blogging. The larger brown one is for writing down drafts of blog posts, or writing sections at least.
The smaller one is mainly for lists; posts to write up, ideas, things for film for youtube, blog series - what to publish on what days.
I think that blog series are good as it means you won't lose (or are less likely to) your blogging mojo. For example I will post Instagram pictures on the last Saturday of the month, monthly favourites on the last Friday and the advertisers post on the last Wednesday of the month. I also try to post reviews on Monday or Wednesday and OOTD's on a Friday.
At the moment I don't have enough time to post daily as I have university commitments, my shop to maintain and a little one that constantly wants attention.
Maybe next year when I've graduated uni I'll post daily, but for now I can't manage it. At the moment I post on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Underneath my keyboard I keep a pad of the week. Here I will write down dates and what post is to go live. I'll then tick off the ones that I've written and scheduled. This makes my life a little easier as it means I can see which posts need to be written, and whether there are any gaps in the week that need to be filled.

I hope these tips help you! Remember, if you're life is a little busy just schedule your posts and tweets. 
To see my previous tips on staying organised, click here.

How do you stay organised?
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  1. This is so helpful, I love the little pad with the days of the week, really need to get myself one of those!

  2. Its uncanny how similar our organization style is, I have the weekly calender, idea notebook, and a yearly planner! It works well for me too!

  3. Oh, I couldn't live without my filofax! It definitely helps to keep me organised with university and work related things! I should probably use it to organise my blog a bit better though, especially my photography work blog!

  4. This is great! Thanks for the tips! Where did you get your weekly note pad? I need to get one! xoxo

    1. The weekly note pad is from Paperchase. They have loads of other designs! :)

  5. I love hearing how people stay organized and keep up with their blogs. Plus any excuse to look at new stationary/organization supplies, right?! Keep up the awesome blogging!


  6. I love this! I've been on and off the blogging mojo and this post has inspired me to write up some new posts!

    Anita @ ATA|AllThingsAnita

  7. This is a really great post! I always love organisation posts! You've inspired me to buy so many things! I still need to purchase refills for my filofax!

    Rosie xx

  8. This is such a great post, organisation pasts make my inner OCD happy, plus, pretty stationary! xx

  9. I love all of these tips and ideas! I'm still trying to get into the grove of a schedule or themed posts and what not so this is perfect! :)

  10. Great post :) So many ideas, I have just started a spread sheet to keep track of what posts I have to do & what stage they are at, already helping me so much

    Hayley -


  11. Love this post, very helpful! And your stationary is the cutest stationary there ever was ^^,

    Charlotte - xx

  12. Great post! :D I buy a diary for every year and I basically organize my entire life in it. And as you've already said, I would definitely be lost without it! ^_^
    Thanks for the lovely post!

  13. Such a good idea, i love the idea of having a filofax, it's all very grown up! They gave me one at work for meet ins but I just use it to doodle in when I'm bored. Such a high flying job I have.

    I like the pad of the week idea, great way to keep track of whats going up when.

    MyLushBox | YouTube


  14. Brilliant idea, I have a regular diary and a notebook just for blogging but you are super organised!

  15. Love this post, thanks for sending me your link on the chat. I'm posting an organisation post today. I've become reobsessed with my Filofax and Washi Tape if you've ever used that? Danielle xx


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