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I don't normally purchase much from Lush as I find that the prices are a little steep for what the product actually is, however when I popped in to Lush just before Christmas to buy my friend a gift I spotted this as I was waiting in the queue.

Lush BIG Shampoo £11.50 | buy here

I don't normally go for something so salty as I find that it can dry up my hair and make it coarse. My hair is quite damaged from my many years of dying it (trying to change that this year) but when I went in to take a better look at this, the lady told me that it shouldn't make my hair dry and coarse as it has coconut and seaweed in it which help to soften the hair.

I bought it anyway as I'd like a little more volume in my hair. I have naturally wavy hair, oily roots and dry ends. I try not to wash my hair so much, but having a fringe can make that a little hard as it's always getting greasy quicker.

After the first wash using this BIG shampoo, I was a little disappointed as I didn't see a huge difference in the volume. I'd let it dry naturally without putting any extra products in my hair. My roots were oil free, and my ends were luscious which was great but I wanted a little more volume.
After I slept in it, I woke up with the biggest hair ever. Think of a lion's mane. I was quite shocked to see so much volume! After taming it and styling my hair, I really liked the results.

As well as being a volumising shampoo, this shampoo is a clarifying one too. It clears away excess product and dirt similar to Bumble and Bumbles Sunday Shampoo, and is safe for colour treated hair like myself.

You only need a small amount of it as well as it lather up surprisingly well - a mistake I made on my first wash. It's slightly gritty from all of the sea salt which I actually found rather helpful in massaging my head when I was in the bath. It's quite relaxing and had a mild citrus smell that won't make you hate your sinuses.

After using this the first time, I didn't need to wash my hair again for 5 days - which was great as it cut down my getting ready time in the morning. I would say to only use this once a week though rather than every time you wash as your hair does need some oil to it.

Have you tried this BIG shampoo before? What do you use to add volume?

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  1. I really want to try this shampoo out! I think next time I'm in Lush I will have to pick some up! :) x

  2. I always bypass the Lush Shampoos as I'm never sure how clean they're actually going to make my hair, so it's nice to see that's something you addressed in your review. I've been using backcomb in a bottle by umberto giannini for volume and it's been working a treat but means I need to wash my hair more, so I suppose this may solve both of those problems!

    S xo.

  3. I had my eye on this Cal but got distracted haha defo be purchasing now.

  4. If you can go 5 days without needing to wash your hair after using this - I am in! Sounds wonderful. I have never tried any haircare from LUSH but this has me intrigued.

  5. This sounds absolutely AMAZING. Definitely picking this up next time I go to Lush!
    Rebecca, from A Little Bit of Glitter

  6. I really want to try this! :)

  7. I always get put off the prices too - some things are very reasonable then others are ridiculous! It's what puts me off buying for myself there.


  8. I loved this when I used it! I loved the smell and the texture it gave to my hair. I need to get another pot! xx

  9. I'm really intrigued by this. I haven't tried any hair care by lush before but this sounds like there's really some good results!

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  10. I tried this for the first time over the weekend and will hopefully be buying myself a pot too! It's pretty pricey, but I can see it lasting forever! Does it have a matching conditioner do you know?

  11. Just read this and realised I had already read and commented on it...durrr!

    Anywhooo I am buying this this weekend definitely! :)

  12. I think I'd be worried about the salt as well! Nice to see it doesn't dry your hair out though xx


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