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I prefer my mascaras to volumise rather than lengthen as I wear glasses and its annoying when your eyelashes are too long and hit the inside of your glasses.

Benefit Bad Gal mascara (1 coat) vs none

Benefit Bad Gal mascara* | £17.50 buy here

The Benefit They're Real mascara was really wet for me to start off with, and for this reason I put off using it for a while. While it does a good job at lengthening and volumising lashes, I don't always want something that lengthens, rather just something that volumises.
As you can see (on the right), my lashes are pretty damn short and are quite fine. I hate how thin my lashes are and for that reason I can't leave the house without a little bit of mascara.
Benefit Bad Gal mascara is different to it's sister as it doesn't lengthen, but volumises. It leaves a natural, fuller looking lash which can be great for every day use.

The brush is much softer than They're Real, and larger as well so you can get a good amount of mascara onto your lashes without stabbing yourself in the eye (which I have done more times than I'd like to admit with TR)
There's even a waterproof version of this too, and it's cheaper than They're Real.

For me, I prefer this Benefit mascara to it's sister, and I'll be repurchasing this more than I'll be repurchasing They're Real.
It's not an over the top mascara so I can get away with wearing it in university or to do the weekly shop - which is exactly what I want in a mascara.

Do you think it makes a difference? Have you tried this mascara before?

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  1. I love this mascara, used it for two years now, it is so natural looking and the brush is great! I agree having long lashes with glasses doesn't mix ha ha

    Beauty by Alice | Blog | YouTube | xxx

  2. I've heard SUCH good things about this mascara, will have to get my hands on it soon!

    Amy| The Little Koala Blog ♥ HUGE Giveaway Now on!

  3. Glad to of seen this review, need this in my life now x

    Lauren | What Lauren Says

  4. I must be the only person who doesn't get on with Benefit mascaras. I prefer this one to they're real but I still wasn't completely wowed by it.

    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


  5. I wear glasses too so I don't buy a lot of lengthening mascara a either. I love all of Benefit's make ups though.

  6. I have never tried this mascara before but I know the pain of trying to use They're Real!, the wand is soooo spikey!

    Kah-Feh Yen | YSL Rouge Volupté Lipstick Giveaway

  7. I've never tried this but I'll need to give it a try! I wear glasses so need a natural mascara too haha :)
    xxElise -

  8. good post! would love to try it! just tagged you in the liebster award on my blog! go check it out x

  9. A really lovely review, and great photos to go with it!

    New follower on GFC :)

    Jenn Barely There Beauty | UK Beauty Blog


  10. Oooo thank you for this review. I really didn't like the they're real mascara but I might give this one a go xx

  11. I haven't tried this Benefit mascara before, and I haven't tried the They're Real! Mascara either. Both are mascaras I'm interested in trying out, although I am quite enjoying the Maybelline The Rocket as well.
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  12. This looks lovely, and your lashes look so natural!
    Great review,
    L xo


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