Friday, 17 January 2014


I need to either get better lighting or get someone to take photos for me... awkward poses just aren't working..


Shirt: Urban Outfitters, was £45 now £20 // Necklace: Forever 21 £3.15 // Jeans: Miss Selfridge £36 // Shoes: Debenhams £40

I bought this shirt in the sales after Christmas, and I can honestly say that after wearing it all day I'm in love with the feel. It's quite a thin, sheer top but nothing a vest underneath can't fix for those colder days. I especially love the black trim on the collar and the sleeves.

The necklace is from Forever 21 which I thought added a nice touch to the shirt. It's not something thats too big that the eyes would be diverted from the patterned top.

Jeans are just from Miss Selfridge which I bought a while ago. They're meant to be black but they've faded into a dark grey. I sort of like them that way however as they're more 'worn in' and are pretty comfy.

I didn't realise my hair looked this light either. It's meant to be a 'chocolate brown' according to the box, but it looks blonde here. In fact, in the light it looks a little ginger in places too. I guess thats my own fault for using a box kit rather than going to the hair dressers - I just hate going there though! I haven't been since I was in my teens (speaking of hair, my fringe could do with a trim too). sigh.

Did you find anything good in the sales?
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  1. Great look babe! LOVE your shirt! Found your blog on twitter and love it, now following on bloglovin :D x

  2. That's a really nice shirt, I wouldn't have bought it from the UO pictures but it looks nicer in your photos!

  3. It looks lovely and you've styled it very nicely too. It's also an amazing price!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  4. Love this outfit, effortlessly put together xxx
    Laura from

  5. Your necklace is adorable, I love the necklace under a collar look at the moment, it's such an easy way to update a shirt. And your Urban Outfitters shirt is a lovely colour too :) Thankyou for sending me your link on Twitter!
    Lizi (GlassesGirl3) xx


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