Friday, 13 December 2013


This is a slightly disappointing review of a product that I though I would absolutely love. Shame on you Clinique...

Clinique Even Better Make Up | £24 buy here

I'm sorry there's no swatches for this, but it looked awful on me. 
I bought this at VFNO, and got colour matched there. It did look like it matched my skin, but the Clinique stand in Harvey Nics isn't very well lit. 

This foundation is one I've been looking at for a while. I've seen the adverts (the make up covering an egg) and thought that maybe it would be good enough to cover up my freckles.
When the lady at Clinique told me that if I bought two products from them then I would get some goodies, then I knew I had to buy something (I'm a sucker for freebies). I already had a few things on mind of what to buy as I really like Clinique products and regularly buy from them anyway. 

When I shop at Clinique I usually just stick to skincare with the occasional purchase of a Chubby Stick, but with money in my pocket that was burning a hole and my curiosity I decided to purchase the Clinique Even Better Foundation.

I got matched up to '07 Vanilla' which I'd say was an okay match, but not a perfect one (I'm a MAC NC20-ish. I haven't been in for a few months). This make up is designed for dry combination to combination oily and has SPF 15 in it. It claims to even skin tone and correct pigmentation and I would say the finish is a medium coverage.

I would say that it does a pretty good job living up to it's claims as my skin did look more even. The only downside I had is that it has pink undertones which do not look flattering on me, and for this reason I can't wear it anymore.
But don't let that stop you from purchasing it! I think that if I had a better skin match then I would have liked this a whole lot more.
I may see if I can get colour matched again in a better lit room, but sadly this bottle will go unused.

Do you like Clinique? Have you tried Clinique make up? 
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  1. I've got this exct same product in my stash ready to use when my current foundation runs out, never tried Clinique foundation before so am a bit dubious, I have issues with pink tones as well - fingers crossed it looks ok, if not I'll have to put it in a blog sale!

  2. Oh dear, shame this foundation wasn't for you, Its on of my all time favourites and works really well for me but I need the pink undertones because yellow toned foundation makes me look so ill which is why I don't use my Mac foundations and their shades never match me. xxx

  3. Oh dear, sorry to hear you got colour matched wrongly. I always go outside in daylight to check whether the foundation matches lol, xoxo.


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