Friday, 6 December 2013


Yes I know, another post about the infamous Benefit Rockateur, but I honestly think that its a great blush so I thought I'd add my review in with the masses that's already out there.

Benefit Rockateur £23.50  | buy here

I didn't buy Rockateur on that one day when it was released for a limited time before it's official release, and then I didn't buy it when it was officially released. In fact it's took me a while to actually buy this as I never saw it as a priority product.

However during the Mid Summer Meet, Benefit gave me a make over and included this product and I absolutely loved it. I think that it gives a natural finish (for a blush) but is really buildable, so you can have it subtle during the day and then build it up more for a night out.

Despite loving it so much it took me around 3 months to actually buy it. I bought it during the Vogue Fashion's Night Out in Manchester and have pretty much worn it every day since.

I've never owned a Benefit blush before but I knew that they came in a little cardboard box. It also comes with a mirror and a brush (although I don't use the brush). As much as I love the look of the box, it does make storing a little tricky because its just so bulky - but that's the only downside it it.

The middle of the blush (where it says 'Rock') is matte and the outsides have a slight shimmer to it.
The blush looks so lovely that I didn't want to use it and end up fading the 'Rock' away - but it's also too pretty to not use it!

The picture above is how I would normally have it during the day. It leaves a nice glow as well as a flush of colour. The shimmer in the blush acts as a great highlighter too. As you can see it's very subtle and perfect for every day wear.

Do you own Rockateur? What's your favourite blush?
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  1. I've wanted this for soo long! And that pic makes me want it even more, such a pretty blush xx

  2. This is gorgeous. I also had it applied at a Benefit counter and now I really want it.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  3. I have this and I love it, it's so lovely and pretty.

    Alice | | xxx

  4. I love the Benefit blush boxes and they last for so long. My Be a perfect 10 has finally hit pan but I still have a lot of Harvana left. Really want to try Rockateur, the colours look so nice.


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