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This post is part of a new series on my blog showcasing my favourite products in each category, before I reveal my favourite products of 2013 in late December/early January.
These are my favourite mascaras...

Avon Mega Effects Mascara | £10 buy here

I've recently spoken about this mascara here
I can't get enough of this. It's my current go to mascara as it just delivers great results. My lashes look longer, thicker and have more volume which is everything that I want in a mascara.
The application is easy despite it looking different to other mascara wands, and there's minimal errors too.

Rimmel Scanaleyes Mascara | £6.99 buy here

The wand on this mascara is huge, so if you have short lashes like mine then this can be a bit messy. However I've managed to get the hang of it now and it's one of my favourite mascara. I only use this on my top lashes and it fans them out, adds volume and lengthens them too - all without clumping!
I've spoken about it here

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara | £12 buy here

This nifty little mascara is designed for the bottom lashes which is great news for me as I have super short lashes. It doesn't add a great deal of length but it does add thickness and volume so your lashes stand out really well. 
I love this mascara and I can't go a day without using it!
I've spoken about it previously here

Revlon Grow Luscious | £9.99 buy here

This mascara is designed to help your lashes grow, and although I don't think that it's make my lashes grow longer, it has made more lashes appear (does that make sense?)
When I was younger and in my teens, I used to wear false lashes a lot which damages your natural lashes. To overcome this I used to then pile on the mascara in an attempt to 'fill' my lashes and hide any areas where there were missing lashes (I wouldn't advise doing that by the way). As a result of this I was left with bald patches in between my lashes where clumps had fallen out.
After using this product for a few months I saw a difference in my lashes - more lashes were growing in the place where there wasn't any. Now I don't know if it was this mascara or whether it was just natural for them to do this, but I was using this mascara at the time so I'd like to think that this aided the regrowth, and for that reason I still use it today when I'm having a simple make up day.

Benefit They're Real! | £19.50 buy here

Everyone seems to have tried this mascara so I don't feel like I need to say much about it. I will mention however that at first I didn't like this as I thought that it was too 'wet' and therefore it smudged really easily. I got used to it though and once it had been opened it started to dry and wasn't as wet as it first was. This was when I liked using it.
It really does make it look like your wearing false lashes like it claims to. I'm actually going to repurchase this after christmas as I've just ran out of mine.

KIKO Luxurious Lashes | £7.20 buy here

I really like this mascara for creating simple day time looks. The mascara is waterproof so it won't budge if you're caught in a rain storm, yet its easy enough to remove using some make up remover. The wand itself is flexible which makes it easier to apply mascara to all of the lashes without clumping and getting 'spider lashes'.
KIKO has recently opened up a UK store in London, and their products are now available to buy in the UK website, which makes it a lot easier to get ahold of this as previously you had to order it from Italy!

What's your favourite mascara? Have you used any of these?
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  1. I love theyre real but that avon one looks so weird haha! cant get over the fact it actually works?

  2. I love the Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara too. Its a great all round mascara & when its on offer I grab a couple. The Kiko Mascara sounds good, I've never tried anything fro Kiko

  3. ive got the scandal eyes and the benefit one and i like them both but my favourite is maybelline colossal in the yellow tube - amazing! xx

  4. I loved my Benefit They're Real mascara I was so sad when it ran out and haven't yet repurchased it. It gave my lashes so much volume.

  5. So many people rave about the Benefit mascara, but it's so expensive :( My mother works for Avon, and she keeps on boasting to me about the new mascara you featured in this post, haha. Also I didn't realise that there were mascaras specially made for bottom lashes! I usually avoid wearing anything in my bottom ones as I find that can look a bit clumpy, but maybe I'll have to invest in one specifically for them. Lovely post!


  6. Some great picks here! I've got They're Real but I don't think I'm going to buy it again!
    Scandaleyes is my fave x

    Sweet Dreams

  7. great choices! i love they're real and my sister uses the vaon one, its strange but good! xx


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