Monday, 30 December 2013


Meet my December Advertisers!
This month I decided to start offering advertising on my blog as I felt that it was the right time.

These are the lovely bloggers that I've had this month:

Francesca writes about beauty, fashion and life being a mother. She's recently gotten engaged (see here) and I'm SO happy for her. Fran is one of the nicest girls I've ever met and I've had the privilege of becoming close friends with her.
If you love OOTD's, beauty reviews and life updates then her blog is one that you must check out!

Hayley is a girl who knows how to make me laugh. Her blog posts really let her personality shine through which I really like in a blog. Tea Party Beauty is mainly a beauty blog with some other posts thrown in too. Hayley has also started up an 'Agony Aunt' where you can ask her all kinds of questions

Nafisah writes daily (hats off to her) mainly about beauty, and always gives great advice in her blog posts. There's several series on her blog so there's something for everyone. If you're looking for honest reviews then this is a blog you should definitely check out.

Vicki posts great honest and in-depth reviews of affordable beauty products that always makes me lust after (and on more than one occasion I've gone out and bought). Her reviews are detailed yet straight to the point, and her opinion is one that I value and trust.

Would you like to advertise with me in January? Click here
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  1. Thank you for saying such lovely things about my blog. So kind of you. xx

  2. Thanks you so much lovely :) Such a nice surprise. Also loving the new blog layout. Very jealous haha

    Hayley -



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