Friday, 1 November 2013


Avon MEGA Effects Mascara | £7 here
I've seen a few people mention this mascara and their views on it, and I thought I would add in my own.
Looking at the outer packaging and it's rectangular shape you wouldn't think it's a mascara. Normally mascara comes in a tube like shape with a screw out wand.
This mascara comes with a lid, the product and a adjustable wand (picture 2).
The wand is what first drew me to the product as it's different to all the other wands out their. It's been designed like a paint brush to give us the ease of applying it to our lashes. The adjustable handle ensures we get a better grip and a better angle to apply the product, and the wand tip itself has long and short bristles to avoid clumping and to help lengthen and thicken the look of lashes.
The picture above shows the mascara on my left eye, and none on my right eye. As you can see the one with mascara on is defiantly longer and thicker compared to the other. The lashes aren't clumped either so you don't end up with those horrible 'spider' lashes.
The wand is surprisingly easy to use and I'm pretty happy with the results that it gives.
Although the mascara isn't waterproof, it also doesn't smudge or flake during the day. In fact I can't find a fault with the product.
A few people have said its a dupe for the Benefit They're Real! mascara and I must agree with them, although I'll have to do a full comparison when I next buy a refill of TR.
It's currently £7 (price correct at time of post) and comes in three colours, Blackest Black, Navy and Brown/Black.
Have you used this mascara? What do you think of the design?
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  1. I've used this mascara and I'm pretty impressed with it too! I sometimes find it's a little clumpy though, but nothing seriously annoying. The design is definitely the best bit!
    Rebecca, from A Little Bit of Glitter (

  2. I've not tried this but have seen quite a few good reviews. It looks great on your lashes. They look longer & defined. Next time I get my Avon catalogue I will give it a go

  3. It looks like a scary contraption but it seems to do the job pretty well.. I'm intrigued! I might need to buy one and see for myself ;)



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