Monday, 18 November 2013


Sorry for my dry hands, winter really drys them.
I bought this gorgeous nail varnish at Vogue Fashion's Night Out in Selfridges. It's a limied edition and was only available for that night. There were other Chanel products available which were all limited edition including another nail varnish but I loved the look of this one, as well as the name!
Having never used a Chanel nail varnish before I didn't know what the results would be like, but after using it, and applying a clear top coat over it I'm pretty happy with the results.
Its really hard to take a picture of the glitter on my nail, but I assure you it's there! Cosmic reminds me of a galaxy. The colour itself is a dark navy, almost black colour with tiny, and I mean tiny little silver glitter pieces in it.
When the light catches it it's quite mesmerising to watch.
The colour lasts for a good couple of days before chipping, but by that time I was ready to change my nail varnish colour anyway.
The colour is great, and you only need one sweep to get the full colour intensity as well which means that this bottle will last me a while - and good thing too as this cost me £18!
Have you tried Chanel nail polish before? Would you ever buy one?
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  1. Never tried Chanel varnishes before. They are so expensive! But I like this shade it is so different!


  2. Limited Edition Chanel Polish - very swish! Loving the colour it looks pretty

  3. Stunning shade! I've never tried a Chanel polish x

  4. Such a beautiful colour, we all deserve a bit of Chanel

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