Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Professional Beauty North: October 13th 2013

New nail polish company 'All That Jazz'

work out demos, teeth whitening services

advertisements, VIP lounge, random tan guy

nail wraps, Yankee Candles, neon nail varnish

HD Brows and Artdeco

Elemis christmas, tanning services and Sleep in Rollers

Nail varnish, nail varnish and more nail vanish!

Last week I was kindly invited to attend Professional Beauty North in Manchester. I had never been to it before, and knew little of it so I did my best research on Google and decided that I still didn't fully understand what it was.
I met up with the lovely Fi from and together we headed to the venue. When we arrived we were instructed to collect our press packs and when we were free to wonder around the venue. 
My first stop was NYX as sooo many people talk about the brand. When I go there however it was so busy that I couldn't get close enough to all the products to fully swatch them so I only bought a few things (post will be up soon)
Fi got her teeth whitened whilst I bought lots of fake tan and hair curlers. 
There where demonstrations everywhere, and if I had more time I would have watched them all. It was quite amusing seeing people trying to do Pilates with their rear end sticking out.

Pro Beauty has given me a craving for IMATS now, which I will hopefully be attending next year

Have you been to Pro Beauty or IMATS? Would you ever go?

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  1. Oooh this looks great! :) wish I could have goneeee! :)

  2. I was at Pro Beauty too, what a fun day!

  3. Looks like you can a great time & o many brands were displaying their products.
    I was sad to miss it but I hope to go to IMATS next year too.

  4. Im so so jealous! Wish I stayed near to go to it! Definitely going to have to go next year because it looks amazing!

    Genna xxx


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