Monday, 28 October 2013

Mani Monday: Halloween Nails

Firstly I'd like to apologise for the quality of the pictures. This dreaded limited light during the day thing is really hard to work around when I'm only getting home at night sometimes. 
Secondly: yay finally a mani monday again!

Today's Mani Monday will be doing some halloween inspired nails. As it's Halloween this week I thought that it was fitting it do it today.
I've done a few styles, so do bare with me if you think that this is really long.

The first step is to paint two of your nails an orange and a green, and the other three are to be white. (the orange I used is Barry M 'Mango' and the green is a Barry M 'Spring Green')

Next, on the green draw a zig zag line near the tip, and then fill in with black. This is to be the hair of Frank. Draw a similar style on one of the white nails, but instead of drawing a zig zag shape, draw an 'M' and fill in. This is to be Dracula.

On the orange nail, draw three triangles to be eyes and a nose, and draw a zig zag to be the mouth. This is a pumpkin.

On another white nail draw some squiggly lines from the centre outwards. They can join in the middle if you wish but it's not necessary. This is going to be an eyeball.

On the last white nail, draw a wavy line in red which dips down ending in a circle a few times. This is to be dripping blood.

fill in the 'dripping blood' and hopefully it should look something like above.

Going back to your two guys, you want to give them some eyes. Simply add two white dots on Frank and two red dots on Dracula. Let them dry - we'll come back to them in a bit.

On the eyeball, draw a big blue circle in the middle of all the squiggly lines. Leave this to dry.

Go back to Dracula and finish him off. Add two small back dots on top of the previous red ones, add some eyebrows and finally draw a thin line with two triangles coming off it for his mouth and fangs.

Moving on to Frank, add two black dots over the white ones, draw two smaller dots as a nose, and finally draw a thin line for his mouth adding smaller lines to look like stitching.

And finally, go back to the eye and add a black circle on top of the blue one, and add a smaller white dot on top of the black - but more to one side like above.

And there you have it!
Halloween nails.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial.
And have a Happy Halloween!

Did you like this? Will you be trying this yourself?
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  1. Really good ideas for Halloween nails!

  2. haha these are so cool! I'm dressing up as a vampire so think I'm gonna do those blood ones! x

  3. These are soo cool! I'm dressing up as a vampire so I'm going to do those blood ones! x

  4. Very Spooky!
    Love Frankenstein - he is cute

  5. These look amazing & they are sooo neat!
    I'm not fantastic with nail art as I don't have a steady hand but this post was really helpful so I may just give it a go for Halloween!

    Latasha xx |Today I Adore

  6. these look so good haha, I wish I was that good at nail art!

    lovely post:-)
    zofia xo


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