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Last Minute Holiday: Pool Essentials

It's always nice to be able to jet off somewhere sunny and lounge by the pool. It's even better when it's unexpected or a last minute splurge, either way with the british summer coming to an end there's nothing more I'd like to do than to jet off to a sunny island surrounded by sea, sand and unlimited cocktails.
Unfortunately for me that won't be happening any time soon as I'm going to Leeds Festival at the weekend, but I haven't let that dampen my hopes of jetting off soon (I'm thinking Christmas or New Year?).
I know that a few people are going away on last minute holidays (lucky you!) so I thought I'd compile my own version of some pool side essentials. If I was jetting of tomorrow then these are the sort of things that I would pack...

Obviously if you're going pool side then you need a bikini or swim suit. No one goes sunbathing in an old baggy t shirt and sweat pants. 
Both of these bikini items are from Sports Direct who stock a wide range of different brands at a fraction of the RRP. 
The top is the Ocean Pacific Halter Bikini top* with an RRP of £12.99 but is available from Sports Direct for only £4.99! I love that its a halter neck as it means when you want to sunbathe you can avoid those pesky tan line straps on your shoulders. I paired it with the Ocean Pacific navy/white floral bottoms* (I love miss match bikini sets!) which is also £4.99.
I would say that the sizes are true to size (the top is a size 8 and the bottoms are a size 6) they fit perfectly without being too tight or too loose so you can rest assured that you won't be left naked if you were to dive bomb into the pool.
The bikini top has an underwire so you don't lose the shape, but neither will you pop out if you find yourself drunk at a foam party later on. 

Sun lotion is a must I guess (I don't use it myself, naughty me) especially if you have sensitive skin. The Nivea Sun Kids has aways been a favourite one of mine as it doesn't smell horrible like others do. I use this one on my son as it's factor 50+ and water resistant. It's available from Tesco for around £5 but theres always offers on so keep your eyes peeled.

Another good product to have is some sort of heat protection for your hair as the sun can be quite damaging. At the moment I've been loving this Show Beauty* one which I've only recently got from the Mid Summer Meet. It smells really nice and doesn't leave your hair really dry, but it doesn't leave your hair feeling like it's got loads of product in either. Show Beauty products are available from Selfridges.

For me, heat and humid weather makes my hair dry and frizzy so alongside using a heat protection spray I also use Avon Moroccan Argon Oil on the ends of my hair just to give them some life and nourishment. This Avon version is really handy as it comes in a 30ml size which is perfect to pop into your bag.

Another must is a Tangle Teezer or similar product. The chlorine in the pool or the salt in the sea can leave your hair feeling matted and horrible. A quick brush using this bad boy and your locks are left feeling free again. I wrote about my Tangle Teezer here.

Now I don't know about you but when I go to relax by the pool I usually take a book with me (I much prefer a real book to a kindle - nothing beat physically turning the pages). My favourite book of all time is 'Noughts and Crosses' by Malorie Blackman. It's also the only book that has ever made me cry! If you haven't read it then I would HIGHLY recommend that you do. You won't regret it! (it's also the book where I got my name, Callie Rose from ;))

As well as a book I always take my iPod as it means you can drown out that couple next to you who should really have spent their afternoon in their room (ever been in that situation?) holiday tunes can also get you into the holiday spirit if you find that you've drank too many all inclusive cocktails the night before.

and finally, no holiday would be complete without your favourite pair of sunglasses. These ones are from Topshop. I love the round design and the birds along the frame which just makes it stand out in comparison to other designs. I've been wearing this pair all summer and have had so many compliments from them.

And there we have it! That's my last minute holiday essentials. 
What would you include?

This post contains products that I did not purchase myself, however all views and opinions are my own.


  1. Great post I really want to get a tangle teezer they sound amazing x

  2. Love those sunglasses! Also I need a tangle teaser so bad! :)

  3. That book series is so good, you'll enjoy it!

  4. Really good picks! I love the noughts and crosses book too! It's so emotional!


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