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Disappointing Products #1

Hello! Today I decided to write a bit of a different post for y'all. It's a post about products that have disappointed me either because they didn't do anything or because they did something bad. I have a few products which are like this but I thought that it would be better to break them up into smaller posts so that you don't get bombarded with too much.
I'll just add right now that all the products featured in this post were bought with my own money and aren't samples that were sent to me or anything - which in a way I think makes the products more disappointing...

First up is the Good Things Miracle Mattifier. Now I have an oily t-zone so I do prefer a matte look on my face. I'd seen people raving about this and thought that it must be good - however I just couldn't bring myself to buy the full size. I found this on Latest in Beauty (which for those who don't know is a website where you can purchase samples). So I decided to buy the sample size and give it a go before deciding to buy the full size product.
Luckily I did this as I don't really like this and I would have wasted more money if I'd have purchased the full size from the start. I did give this a thorough go as I wanted to like it like so many other blogger, but alas, it just wasn't for me.
The smell reminds me of 'cheap' products that you'd get as a child for xmas, you know the pop stars version of make up or something. That put me off straight away. The product itself feels powdery even though its a liquid type (if you get what I mean). It soaks in to my face really well and quite quickly however it didn't leave a matte finish at all. I tried using it under my make up too, and all it did was keep my make up on for half a day, then I had to reapply. 

I first saw the Garnier 5 sec Perfect Blur on an advert on tv. It seemed like the perfect primer to have in my growing collection of make up and I quickly went to Boots to pick it up. I didn't immediately pick it up from Boots as the price tag came as a little shock and it put me off buying it (£9.99 btw) so I left and didn't think much of it. About a week later I saw a few page adverts in several magazines showing this off and claiming it was brilliant and this that and the other.
So again I headed to Boots and into my basket it went. 
The reason why this is a disappointing product is that the price compared to what the product actually does - well it's grim. The consistency of the products is horrible as it comes out like a cheap paste. It goes onto the face well but although it feels light in my hands, it feels really heavy on my face. I didn't see any difference in my face compared to not using this so the whole '5 sec blur' is a bit of a lie. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone, and I regret ever buying it.

In my opinion, Benefit Fake Up is one of those hyped up products that are actually really rubbish. I was matched up to medium which is a fairly accurate match. The Fake Up claims to crease control, hydrate and conceal but the only thing it did for me was conceal. 
Crease control? Ha, all the product ended up in the creases which just made them stand out more. And as for hydrate? It was so oily and thick that it looked like I had just put some Vaseline under my eyes and gone out like that - no matter how much setting powder I put on top!
No, Fake Up wasn't for me. I much prefer Boiing.

I know that I shouldn't really be complaining about this as the price was so low, but for such a 'classic' product I would have thought it actually did something. I saw the Carmex lip balms  in Primark and just threw it into my basket as I was queueing up. It's fairly cheap (I think about £2) but I found that it wasn't very moisturising - quite the opposite really! I put this on under some lipstick so that the lipstick would glide on easier but I found that my lips dried easier. I thought it was the lipstick at first but I've since tried Carmex on its own and found my lips to be really dry the next day. It's like it sucks the moisture out of my lips.

This is probably the most disappointing product here. I went to the Trafford Centre a few months back and decided to try a concealer. Silly me I went straight to the top and went to Bobbi Brown rather than sticking low end first, so in a way it's my own fault. I tried out the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit. The sales assistant matched me up to the shade 'natural' but while she was doing it she was being really harsh on my skin with her brushes. She was also point blank telling me to buy the product - and not in a friendly way either. So anyway, I bought it but I've actually never used it because by the time I had got home the concealer was completely gone from my face. For £24 you'd think it would at least last half a day but it only lasted a few hours on my face. By the time I next visited a Selfridges it was too late to return the product so it's just been sat in my room, in the box.

Have you tied any of these products? Are there any products that disappoint you?

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  1. I agree about fake up! They put it on me at the counter and it didn't give enough coverage, looked super shiny and creased like no other. Sooo many bloggers raved about it though! To be fair to Benefit I love Erase Paste though x

  2. I was considering buying the Perfect Blur so quite glad I read this first! When Fake Up came out, it seemed like definite over-hype because of all the blogger events! Really interesting post :) xx

  3. I love Carmex lip balm! :( I think it's a lifesaver, though my lips do depend on it after a while. Such a shame you weren't keen! :( x

  4. I liked the Miracle Mattifier but just as a normal moisturiser. I agree it wasn't a great mattifier.

    Water Painted Dreams

  5. I've been wanting to try Fake Up but I'm having second thoughts now. I'm pretty devoted to the Benefit Erase Paste so I might just stick with that, for now at least! x

  6. If you're looking for a good creamy concealer try out Illamasquas! I love mine to bits and use it for pretty much everywhere on my face - even as highlight! x

    Lush Ultrabland Cleanser

    Anita @ ATA|AllThingsAnita

    1. I bought Illamasqua's thanks to you - I love it!

  7. Would have thought Caramex, being such a large brand, would have been better. Time for good ol' fashiones Vaseline?

  8. Done that before started with a high end primer! Was also Bobby Brown and my skin had a reaction! I hate disappointing expensive products really gets to me. X

  9. Oh now that is interesting as that Benefit concealer is one of my favourites due to the fact it doesn't crease on me! Weird huh!

  10. I love the Fakeup by Benefit! It works perfect on my every time!
    Shame it didnt work with your skin

    H xox


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