Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Diesel Event w/Festival No 6, Manchester

Drinks menu // our drinks // DJ

some of Diesel's new A/W collection

OOTD selfie // group photo // Fi, Amy and myself in the mirror

more A/W pieces

even more...

Festival No 6 // party in Diesel

Yesterday I was kindly invited to the Diesel store in Manchester where they had collaborated with Festival No 6 to throw an awesome party. 

Festival No 6 is a new type of festival that had a huge success last year and are continuing that success this year. They are based in Wales and offer luxury camping (tipis, beds, duvets etc - no Tesco Value tents here). The festival will run from 13th-15th September 2013 

This was an event like no other I had previously attended, and I didn't really know what to expect, but at 7pm, myself and some fellow northern bloggers (Amy, Fi, Rachel and Frances) waited outside the doors to be admitted inside.

When we checked our names on the guest list we were told there was an open bar so headed straight there to get a refreshment. The beverages included Kraken Rum and Belvedere Vodka, as well as San Migel and some soft drinks which are all sponsoring Festival No 6 in September.

There was a DJ at hand playing all sorts of music, and everyone enjoyed the party atmosphere. Us girls even got a chance to look at some key A/W pieces which was really good.

Unfortunately I couldn't stay to watch the two bands play as I had to get the last train home, but I did enjoy myself and I would like to thank Diesel and Festival No 6 for the opportunity.

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  1. The photos all look amazing :) what a cool experience!!
    Following you now lovely :)
    Keep in touch!!


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