Friday, 12 July 2013

Topshop Lip Bullet in 'Heartbeat': REVIEW

Topshop Lip Bullet in 'Heartbeat' £8 (buy here)
I don't own a lot of Topshop cosmetic products, but the stuff I do own I absolutely love, and this is no exception. I'm a fan of lip crayons and when Topshop brought out their Lip Bullets I just had to have one! (I'm not doing so well at this spending ban malarky).
The only problem I encountered when I walked into Topshop was choosing which shade to take home. I wanted to buy them all! 
But I managed to settle on this one, as I think it'll get the most wear during the summer months. It's described as a peachy pink on the Topshop website, but I'd say its more orange than peach.
I love the coral trend at the moment and I've been wearing MAC's Morange a lot recently so switching over to this is no problemo. I love wearing bold colours, and this fits into that category very well. 
The colour is super pigmented (the pic above is only one layer!), it's moisturising but not sticky or thick, and the colour lasts for a reasonable length of time.
As with most lip products, it's build-able. They have a sort of dewy finish - somewhere in between glossy and matte. I've hear that some shades sink into the lips and enhance lines, but I don't think I had a really big problem with it. I think that if you wear a balm underneath then you should be fine.
The only downside to it is the price as for a pound more I could buy a MAC lipstick. But if you're not fussy on price then this is a product worth buying!
Do you have any Lip Bullets? What do you think of them?
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  1. great colour! I really need to try these x

  2. Gorgeous summer shade, it really suits you. Like you though I'd be tentative about spending so much on a non-high end lip product, I'd probably rather spend the extra pennies for slightly better quality x

  3. I love Topshop makeup and will definitely be picking one of their Lip Bullets up after this review! Now, which colour...

    Bea xx

  4. such a gorgeous colour, it looks stunning on!

  5. That's a lovely colour! I've never tried top shop makeup before - no clue why, I've yet to hear a bad thing about them! Xo

  6. I love this stuff! I am currently using this in my summer makeup bag. I think it’s nice and light for summer, and so pretty. Great review xx

  7. I have this but wasn't keen on the coverage (although my lips were uber dry at the time so this didn't help) It looks fab with another corally colour underneath though!

    Kylie //


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