Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Neal's Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm: REVIEW

Neal's Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm* £37 | here
I received this wonderful item in a goodie bag after I attended the NYR event in Manchester earlier this month.   
I was actually looking at it in store at the event, and was extremely interested in it. The lovely sales assistant was demonstrating what it does and how best to use it, and immediately I wanted it.
I'll be honest, I've never tried a balm like this before (but since getting this, I've now tried other ones). I was a little sceptical about using it as I have oily/combo skin and didn't want my face to break out in horrid red spots. However, even testing it out on the back of your hand (like my picture above) you can see that the balm transforms into oil, and then when wiped away there's no trace!
Now, to test that it actually did something, I followed my usual skincare routine first. I took all my make up off using Clinique's Take The Day Off and then used their Clarifying Lotion, then used REN T-Zone Control Cleansing Gel. Okay so by now all my make up should be off right? That's what I thought too...
I scooped out a small amount of the NYR Balm, and massaged into my face. Straight away it turned into an oil which made spreading it across my face so much easier. I then used the muslim cloth that comes with the balm, wet it with warm water, and rubbed off the balm.
To my astonishment there were traces of make up left on the muslim cloth! Now I'm not talking just a little bit either, I'm talking the muslim cloth had got a tan! Seriously, did I even have that much make up on my face?
Theres no need for a moisturiser after, as your skin will be fabulous anyway. It's great on my oily/combo skin, and I imagine it would be as equally good on normal or dry skin types too. 
also, if you've had a pretty rough week and need some relaxation, it doubles up as a great face mask too!
The only downside to it that I can find is the scent as it has a really strong lavender scent - however this goes as soon as you wipe it off your face.
I'm glad I have this, and I can see it becoming a holy grail. I can't go without it!
Have you tried this before? What balms do you like?

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  1. The texture is quite intreguing.. I love the way it looks and definitely sounds good if it turns easily to oil! It sounds like such a good product, I like the idea of the muslin cloth basically taking off your face haha xx

  2. Oh wow!! This looks so good! I think I need to try it, or atleast something like it xx

  3. This looks amazing! I am currently using a much more affordable Champney's Spa Skin Super Rich Cleansing Balm which the lovely Caroline Hirons has approved herself!

    At only £13 it is a steal :)

  4. This sounds gorgeous, would love a sniff lol! I would never have thought of this as a product for oily skin but am defo gonna look it up now.
    Rebecca xx

  5. This seems like such a unique product! I will be checking it out xx

    xx Kim


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