Wednesday, 17 July 2013

MyCocktail Lime MarGOrita

Lime MarGOrita 300ml (x4) frozen pre-mixed cocktail*

With the sudden heat wave that Britain has been hit with lately, theres nothing better to do than to get a barbecue going, dig out the old deck chairs and relax with an ice cold beverage in hand.
And these frozen cocktails are just the thing! 
Place them in the freezer for a few hours, cut open the top (you can unscrew it, but I find just cutting the top gets it out easier) pour into a glass and add a straw, sit back and relax as the ice cold margaritas cool you down.
The MyCocktail frozen drinks currently feature margarita and strawberry daiquiri flavours, served in individual pouches.
They are a perfect alternative to slushes as they are adult only (no underage drinkers please!) The 'Strawberry DaiqGOri' is a mix of strawberry puree and white rum whereas the 'Lime MarGOritas' which I had have lime juice and tequila in.
My boyfriend and I have been enjoying these in the evening sat outside on our balcony. If you have a larger family you could always pour them into a large jug and share them out with some added fruit - a sort of home made frozen punch if you like.
However you have them, enjoy!

MyCocktail frozen drinks are available from Asda 

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  1. I love these cocktails :) they are so yummy!

    F xx

  2. Could do with an ice cold one of these now!
    Kirsty x


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