Friday, 5 July 2013

Murad Event, Leeds

Ignore my messy fringe!

Yesterday I went to the Murad VIP Launch in House of Fraser in Leeds. I met Francesca at the train station and together we mooched round Leeds city centre looking for House of Fraser. 
When we got there, we were offered wine (who's going to say no to free wine?!) and had a skin scan where they could see any damage or other concerns not visible to the naked eye. Francesca had her scan first, and the consultant was explaining what was going on onscreen. Then it was my turn. At this point the Mayor of Leeds was stood behind me and was watching what was happening on screen too, as other members of staff were informing him how the little skin scanner worked. It was a bit scary having the Mayor stood behind me while a lady was scrutinising my face, but luckily my skin wasn't so bad - I didn't even have sun damage which is surprising as I don't wear sun cream at all. 
After our scans we were offered some products that were tailored to our skin types, as well as receiving a little freebie. 
And then the celebrity guest appeared! I wasn't expecting it to be someone I knew, I thought it was going to be someone who did a song years ago and was never heard of again, but the celebrity was none other than Claire Cooper, aka Jacqui McQueen from Hollyoaks! Fran and I had a fan-girling moment before plucking up the courage to ask for a picture. She's so lovely, and nothing like her 'chav' onscreen character (not to mention her skin was flawless, and her make up stayed put even though the store felt like a sauna).
The manager was walking round making sure everyone had enough to drink (I had more wine than I should have, but it was free so I wasn't complaining) there were even some American type nibbles out like cakes and pretzels. 
Soon after there was a blogger talk, where we were invited into another room to listen to a short talk on the history of Murad, and what they hope to achieve through their products. It was a very informative talk and I'd love to meet Dr Murad one day!
We received more freebies and then headed back to the main room. By this point it was getting empty and the manager persuaded Fran and I to get a free facial.
It was so relaxing, and I would definitely recommend their facials to anyone. They used the products that were best suited to my skin according to the skin scan (which smelt like pomegranate!) 
Overall I had a great day. I met some bloggers there, talked skin care, and got some in depth information about my own skin so all in all it was a very enjoyable, informative evening! 

Have you tried Murad before?

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  1. I got a sample of the murad vitamin C peel and was seriously impressed with it! Look forward to seeing what you think of the rest of your bits xxx

  2. I'm so sorry that I didn't come over and say hi yesterday! Would have been so good to see you! Hopefully we'll meet at another event, and I wont be so rude this time! :) Xxx

  3. So jealous! I couldn't go because it was on my birthday. You look like you had an amazing time :D


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