Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Neal's Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm: REVIEW

Neal's Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm* £37 | here
I received this wonderful item in a goodie bag after I attended the NYR event in Manchester earlier this month.   
I was actually looking at it in store at the event, and was extremely interested in it. The lovely sales assistant was demonstrating what it does and how best to use it, and immediately I wanted it.
I'll be honest, I've never tried a balm like this before (but since getting this, I've now tried other ones). I was a little sceptical about using it as I have oily/combo skin and didn't want my face to break out in horrid red spots. However, even testing it out on the back of your hand (like my picture above) you can see that the balm transforms into oil, and then when wiped away there's no trace!
Now, to test that it actually did something, I followed my usual skincare routine first. I took all my make up off using Clinique's Take The Day Off and then used their Clarifying Lotion, then used REN T-Zone Control Cleansing Gel. Okay so by now all my make up should be off right? That's what I thought too...
I scooped out a small amount of the NYR Balm, and massaged into my face. Straight away it turned into an oil which made spreading it across my face so much easier. I then used the muslim cloth that comes with the balm, wet it with warm water, and rubbed off the balm.
To my astonishment there were traces of make up left on the muslim cloth! Now I'm not talking just a little bit either, I'm talking the muslim cloth had got a tan! Seriously, did I even have that much make up on my face?
Theres no need for a moisturiser after, as your skin will be fabulous anyway. It's great on my oily/combo skin, and I imagine it would be as equally good on normal or dry skin types too. 
also, if you've had a pretty rough week and need some relaxation, it doubles up as a great face mask too!
The only downside to it that I can find is the scent as it has a really strong lavender scent - however this goes as soon as you wipe it off your face.
I'm glad I have this, and I can see it becoming a holy grail. I can't go without it!
Have you tried this before? What balms do you like?

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This post contains products that I did not purchase myself, however all views and opinions are my own. 

Monday, 29 July 2013

Mani Monday: Minions

Hello lovlies! Today I have a film inspired nail art tutorial for you all. Last Wednesday I was watching Despicable Me with my son, and decided that I was going to do a little tutorial for you guys as I think everyone likes the Minions.
Funnily, on the same day my good friend and blogger Francesca had the same idea and she did her own tutorial on her blog which you can find here - pretty cool huh?

So for this tutorial, I tried to make it as simple as possible, but after looking at Fran's tutorial maybe I did mine the hard way... 
Anyway step one, apply a yellow base coat. This is the main colour of the minions body. I used Maybelline MNY which I picked up in Tesco.

Self explanatory really. This is to represent the pants that the minions wear.

This one will be tricky if you don't have a nail art pen. However you could always use a cocktail stick or something similarly pointy and dip it into the nail varnish and draw that way.

Carefully fill the glasses with white as these are now the eyes (you don't have to draw two eyes, one will do as some of the minions only have one eye)

Dotting the eyes was easy. Drawing the mouth was a little trickier. You need a steady hand if you want an open mouth (otherwise just draw a line for a mouth). It's easier to draw a banana shaped mouth - leaving run for a tongue... if you wish.

Fill in the mouth with black, and add two lines either side of the eyes.
The hair can be practically anything as the minions all have different hair. 

And finally, colour in the tongue using a red, and apply a clear to coat!

Draw the rest of the minons, and remember that they don't have to look the same. Mine all have different hair and eyes. It's always good to give them different expressions too.

And if you've watched Despicable Me 2 then you'll know what the purple one is. I did this as an accent nail to make it a little different.

And there you have it! Minion nails.
I hope you like this tutorial, and remember if there's anything you'd like me to try, just let me know :)

What do you think? Will you be trying these?

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Friday, 26 July 2013

This Month I Love...


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

VIDEO TUTORIAL: How to Cut A Fringe

I recently cut my own fringe and I just thought that others may want to see how I did it, maybe if you were going to do this yourself or on someone else.

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Monday, 22 July 2013

Mani Monday: Purple and Lace nails

Hello lovelies! Today I have a lace tutorial. I've seen similar designs recently and thought I'd input my own take on it. Hope you enjoy!

So there you have it! I hope you like it. If there's any designs that you'd like to see feel free to email me at

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Saturday, 20 July 2013


After the FABB event in Manchester it took me a couple of days to go through the goodie bag. I'd seen a few people mentioning on twitter how they'd received a £30 gift card to spend at ESPA, and me not really knowing what ESPA was wasn't as excited as they seemed to be. That was until I found my own voucher and went online...
I've started getting really into skin care, and straight away I knew what I was going to spend my voucher on. I decided to go for smaller sizes of the products as I didn't want to spend a lot of money on something that my skin may not agree with. 

The first thing I decided upon was the Nourishing Cleansing Balm. It removes make up and impurities as well as helping to purify, soften and firm. The tiny 13g jar costs £14.50 (or 60g for £45) which I do think is a bit costly, however I've used balms before and I know that they do last a very long time so although this is only 13g, it should last me a good half a year - more if I'm lucky.

Next up was the 24 Hour Balancing Moisturiser. I have combination skin so I'm always on the hunt for a good moisturiser that won't leave my skin feeling oily and clogged up. This claims to hydrate, smooth and clear as well as protecting and moisturising without clogging pores. Perfect! It does smell strongly of lavender, but that doesn't bother me. 15ml of this stuff costs £15 (or 55ml for £35) which again is expensive, however I do think that this will last me a while too.  These products are luxury products too so they're obviously going to be a bit more than high street prices.

So that's the two jars that I bought with the voucher. Upon checkout ESPA offered four free products which I think is incredibly generous of them. I chose the Cleanse and Exfoliate Refining Skin Polish which is from the same range as the 24 Hour Moisturiser. My sample is 7ml which is worth about £6. You can buy a 15ml jar for £13 or 55ml for £25.50.
That just gave me the task of finding three products. I decided to choose three from the same range as I think I'd see the full benefits if I used then as a routine. I chose the Super Active Lift and Firm Moisturiser 7ml (25ml for £38) and Intensive Eye Serum 3ml (15ml for £55). Both of these products claim to reduce fine lines and smooth the skin. I also chose a mask as I love using masks and it will be interesting to see the difference between a luxury mask and high street ones. The mask I chose was the Super Active Skin Radiance Mask 7ml (25ml for £34)

I look forward to trying all these products thoroughly and writing up reviews for you lovely readers. I've already tested a few of them but I'll review them next month so that you get a more honest review.

Have you tried ESPA? 

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Friday, 19 July 2013

Strawberry Make Up Brush Roll: REVIEW

Strawberry Make Up Brush Roll £5.50 | buy here
Hayley from Tea Party Beauty recently got a Singer Sewing machine (so jealous!) and started making make up brush rolls. I've been wanting something like this for a while now as I'm off to Leeds festival at the end of August, and I don't want my brushes to become dirty.
Hayley informed me that there was a variety of material to choose from, so I chose the strawberry design as I think it's perfect for summer, and looks so pretty! She got to work straight away and handmade the whole thing on her Singer!
Hayley is so talented, and has also started making cushions and earrings too. I'd definitely check out her etsy page (here) for sure!
I would definitely recommend her, I wish I was that talented on a sewing machine!
And so, I'll let the pictures do the talking...
What do you think? 
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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

MyCocktail Lime MarGOrita

Lime MarGOrita 300ml (x4) frozen pre-mixed cocktail*

With the sudden heat wave that Britain has been hit with lately, theres nothing better to do than to get a barbecue going, dig out the old deck chairs and relax with an ice cold beverage in hand.
And these frozen cocktails are just the thing! 
Place them in the freezer for a few hours, cut open the top (you can unscrew it, but I find just cutting the top gets it out easier) pour into a glass and add a straw, sit back and relax as the ice cold margaritas cool you down.
The MyCocktail frozen drinks currently feature margarita and strawberry daiquiri flavours, served in individual pouches.
They are a perfect alternative to slushes as they are adult only (no underage drinkers please!) The 'Strawberry DaiqGOri' is a mix of strawberry puree and white rum whereas the 'Lime MarGOritas' which I had have lime juice and tequila in.
My boyfriend and I have been enjoying these in the evening sat outside on our balcony. If you have a larger family you could always pour them into a large jug and share them out with some added fruit - a sort of home made frozen punch if you like.
However you have them, enjoy!

MyCocktail frozen drinks are available from Asda 

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This post contains products that I did not purchase myself, however all views and opinions are my own. To see my full disclosure click here.

Monday, 15 July 2013

Mani Monday: Black, White and Pink

Maybelline Express Finish in 'Black'
Rimmel Nail Tip Whitener
Essie 'Peach Daiquiri' 

Sorry for the blurry picture!

I actually added glitter to the pink nails too, just because I thought it looked nice.

What do you think of this design? Will you be trying it?
If you have any designs you'd like me to try, please get in touch!
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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Neal's Yard Remedies, Manchester

The store front

Cute recycled bottles


Yummy food on offer

Some of their make up

Fi getting her make up done

more make up

just some of their wonderful products, including a guys section

I'm intrigued to try out the beauty oil

Getting a back massage
About a month ago Neal's Yard Remedies invited me to a blogger event they were holding in their Manchester store. On Wednesday 10th July I met up with Amy and Fi at Barburrito (as I'd never been before - yum!) and together we fought Google Maps and found our way to the store. As soon as we entered we were approached by a member of staff who offered us a drink (wine, juice, iced tea - I chose wine ;)) and we were also offered to be booked into a session their in the store. All three of us chose to get our make up done, and so Fi went first.
While I awaited my turn I had a look around the store to see what the brand had to offer. I've tried a few of their products before, one being the Power Berry moisturiser that came free with a magazine the other month. I've also tried an eyeliner by them, but I've never really known a lot about the brand itself. 
After talking to a very helpful sales lady I found a few products that interested me, and that I will most likely pick up on pay day. I was even given a sample of one of their products there and then to take home and try. 
The staff were very friendly and didn't pressurise me to buy anything (which has happened before. I hate it when the sales advisors are practically telling you to buy something.) My glass of wine was never empty either and all the staff were constantly walking around making sure we were happy.
I met some really great people, and also met some bloggers I'd seen before. The atmosphere in the room was so relaxing and I didn't feel out of place nor did I want to back away into a corner.
There was a little speech where I was informed of NYR's humble beginnings and was given a better insight to the company itself.
I had my make up done, which used mineral make up. It felt really light and fresh on my face, like I wasn't wearing anything at all which was really good.
I also go a back massage which is the most relaxing thing I've ever had. I would HIGHLY recommend getting one!
And as if that wasn't enough, we were all sent home with a goodie bag filled with some full size products, including their Wild Rose Beauty Balm (which I wanted, and I'm so grateful to have received it) as well as White Tea facial mist (perfect for this heat!) lipgloss, eyeshadow and some lovely scented wipes.

A big thank you to Neal's Yard Remedies for inviting me, and I can't wait to try all the products given. I had such a nice evening!

Have you tried Neal's Yard Remedies before? What do you think of them?

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