Saturday, 15 June 2013

This or That Tag: BOOK EDITION


Hello lovlies! I have a bit of a different tag here today. I saw this tag on Claudia's blog over at Beauty and the Chic, and thought I'd give it a whirl as I love reading and thought it would be nice to do something none beauty related.
Audio books or books in hand?
Books in hand, definately. I don't even own a kindle at the moment. There's nothing better than pulling a book off the shelf and feeling the pages beneath my fingers. (that's not weird right?)

Soft or hard cover?
I'm not too fussed on this one. I think that soft covers are easier to store, but hard covers are good for first editions books or for autobiographies.

Fantasy or real life?
FANTASYYYYYY. There's nothing better than losing yourself in another world.

Harry Potter or Twilight?
Considering I have a Deathly Hallows tattoo, I'm going to go with Harry Potter. HP till I die (I'm a little obsessed) 

Kindle, iPad or other?
Reading wise, a book. Kindles are pointless as you can download the Kindle app for free onto any iPad or tablet. And my iPad is mainly so that I can play The Simpsons Tapped out and Lego Harry Potter.

Borrow or buy?
Always buy :) I love re-reading books so I couldn't keep borrowing the same book, I'd have to actually own it. It just makes things easier.

Book store or online?
Book store for book releases, but online for everything else

Standalone or series?
I prefer series because if I really get into a book, I never want it to end. However once the first book has finished I have to wait months for the next book to be published, which is always a pain :(

Monster read or short and sweet?
Monster read please :) Like I said above, once I get into a story I never want it to end. Short stories just seem so, well short, I feel like a lot more could have been said or done.

Starry eyes or full of action?
Book wise it has to be starry eyed. I love a bit of romance (none of that 50 Shades of Grey though - worst book ever). I loveee Pride and Prejudice. Love stories that have sad endings are always a good read too.

Curl up in your snuggie or lay in the sun?
I don't understand why people go on holiday and all they do is sunbathe and read. When I go on holiday I go sight seeing!
Curling up in bed or on the sofa, with a nice drink in hand reading a book is my type of thing.

Hot chocolate or latte?
Latte - coffee lover over here.

Read the review or decide for yourself?
Decide for myself. I don't just do this with books - I do this with everything. I hate it when people try to make up my mind. I'll do that myself thank you.

TAG - You're it! I tag you all to try out this post. Leave a link below if you do :)
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  1. Nice tag! I prefer books to kindle or tablet readers too, xoxo.

  2. love that you have a deathly hallows tattoo, hahaha!

    Alice :) xx

  3. This is a great tag! Think I'll do it myself. I love reading but I do it all on my kindle now, it's my baby! I've even started a blog dedicated to books haha. I've never had a sun / reading holiday either as I'm much more of a sight seeing fan too but I would like to try it once.xox


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