Friday, 14 June 2013

MAC Lipsticks: Cosmo and Morange

MAC Cosmo £14 and Morange £14

Hello lovelies! Eek I'm so happy about these two lipsticks! I've wanted them for a little while now and finally plucked up the nerve and bought them last month.

Cosmo is similar to Rimmel's Kate in '19' which is my current everyday natural look. In fact I'd say that Rimmel is a dupe of MAC. However, I love MAC lipsticks. The formula, texture, smell - everything about MAC lipsticks screams 'buy me!'
MAC Cosmo is described as a 'pink coco' which I sort of agree on. Its a sort of pinky brown which makes it look like a natural lip colour - for me anyway. I know thats not really a great description but I don't know how else to describe it! You'll have to try it in store to see the true wonders of it.

Morange is a colour that I wanted so badly when it first came out, but it was sold out really quickly and I sort of counted my lucky stars that I didn't buy it as it would have been an impulse buy. But then I went into a MAC store and tried the tester out - my oh my its lush! Now I'm a big fan of wearing red lipstick so in my eyes wearing a bright orange was no different ;) It's such a nice bright summer colour! I can't fault it. So when it became available online I snapped it up and I'm so glad that I did. 

These two shades are quickly becoming favourites of mine. And as always, MAC lipsticks are great so it's a win win situation in my eyes. 

Do you own any MAC lipsticks?

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  1. Replies
    1. No, but it's not really shiny either - it's a nice balance in the middle :)

  2. Cosmo looks like a beautiful shade! I've seen Morange look amazing on other people but it's a little too daring for me, for now at least! xx

  3. I have 22 MAC lipsticks at the moment but Morange is on my wish list xx

  4. I am trying to get into bright lipsticks for summer and the orange one would be great!x Please check out my blog hope you like itx


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