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BirchBox: May 2013

While this months Glossy Box is a fun one to celebrate their 2nd birthday, Birchbox have taken a more serious note. This month Birchbox focus on breast cancer awareness. 
Throughout May, Birchbox are supporting Fashion Targets Breast Cancer and are not only donating money every time someone new subscribes (click here) but they're also donating 30% of sales in their e-shop. 
50,000 women a year are affected by breast cancer so it's something that, as women, we should have a knowledge of. I'm sure you've all heard the news this week about Angelina Jolie (here).
The best way to be breast aware is through some TLC. Touch, Look, Check. (more information here).

So what was in this months box?
Well I'm actually quite pleased with the contents this month. Thats the thing with beauty boxes though, some months are good and some are bad. Recently Birchbox have been good :)

OPI Nail Lacquer | Sample size 3.75ml
This is a coral shade (unsure of the name) which is perfect for spring/summer. I love coral accessories at the moment, and I think everyone else does too. The Zara tote bag seems to be popular at the moment.
I'm grateful for recieving this OPI sample as I do like their nail varnishes, but I just don't see the point in paying such a huge price for them.
Full size 15ml £9.79 from

Murad Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture for Eyes | Sample size 3.5ml
Even though this sample size is a tiny 3.5ml, I think I could make this last a while. The instructions say to pat a small amount around the eyes so I think I could make this last around a month? 
Murad is a brand that I would say is high end, o it's obviously out of a students budget. If this product works though, then I'll be highly tempted to buy the full size as I've been looking for a good eye cream for agesssss.
Full size 15ml £57 from Marks & Spencer

Electric Hair Intensive Treatment Masque | Sample size 60ml
Well doesn't this smell divine! Oh I can't even describe it, it just smells nice. My hair is something that I always have trouble with. The roots get greasy really easily, but the ends get really dry and I get so many split ends despite hardly ever using heated tools. 
Okay so you're meant to use this every 7 to 10 days, and leave it on for ten minutes before washing off. I think that I could get about a month and a half to two months treatment out of this 60ml sample. I have mid length hair, which is also really thin and damaged so hopefully this product will do some good. I look forward to trying this out.
Full size 200ml £23.50 from

Laura Geller Black Gel Eyeliner | Sample size 2.5g
I'm glad that this is a waterproof eyeliner as I find that they last so much longer. I'm not the best at applying gel liners as I can never get both eyes to stay the same, but I'll give it a go with this. I may even do a FOTD post featuring it in the future... if I can get the hang of applying it!
Laura Geller is a brand that I have tried in the past, but I've never activly gone out to buy it. I don't know why. I know a lot of other bloggers rave about the stuff so I think it's just my laziness or lack of money thats stopped me from purchasing Laura Geller. Still, I'm glad to have this product to try this month.
Full size 2.5g £24.50 from Birchbox eShop

Wei Pomegranate buffing beads | Sample size 0.5g
I've received Wei products in beauty boxes before, but I never know what to make of them as the sizes of the samples are always too small to properly use. The instructions say to blend the beads with a cleanser to create a mild exfoliant. It's a good idea, but would you just buy an exfoliant instead?
Full size 0.5g x20 £16 from space.NK

Kusmi Detox Tea | Sample size 20g
I've actually taken to tea a lot recently so this couldn't have come at a better time. This tea gets rid of all the toxins in your body to boost your energy levels and lowers stress levels. Great for those who are quitting cigarettes over summer, or who have their final exams. 
I know that I'll be having a cup tonight to wind down.
Full size 24 tea bags for £18 from John Lewis

Don't forget that you can do your bit by subscribing to Birchbox here, where they'll donate £5 for every new subscriber to Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. 

What do you think of this months Birchbox?

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  1. I'm looking forward to my box! Nice goodies, xoxo.

  2. I am so jealous. I got the glossybox (as I subscribe to them obv haha) and the box is rubbish this month. I love everything you got, except the tea! xxx

    Gemma | ♥ International MAC RiRi Woo giveway on my blog!

  3. aw we only have the tea in common lol my box was good but i think your box is better! x

  4. I love the nail varnish shade z
    mac lipstick/eyeshadow giveaway -


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