Monday, 8 April 2013


On Sunday 7th April, Em Sheldon of Em Talks hosted a bbloggers meet up in Manchester for the Northern bloggers. 50+ girlies turned up for a fun filled day of beauty talks, cocktails and cake. Initially I was extremely nervous about going as its the first meet up that I've been to, so a few of us decided over twitter to meet up in Victoria station and head to the event at Revolutions on Deansgate Locks together.
The girls I met up with were Francesca of The Mummy Diaries, Zoe Amelia of Amelia's Allsorts, Rachael Claire of Rachael Claire, Megan from Life and Lipsticks, Joanna of Minty Essence and Sabina of Fashernably-Late :)
The event was such a big success, and I'd like to thank Em for organising the event, and to all the companies who came along to give talks.
The talks included Xen-Tan and Glam Glow, Arbonne, Anne Semonin and Blanx as well as Capital FM who took pictures (see here).
I'm really gutted that I didn't take loads of pictures, but I was too busy drinking cocktails ;D

yummy :)

Hello Northern bloggers!

Xen-Tan and Glam Glow giving a talk

Keil Nelson of Arbonne giving a talk

ILAH brows stand - with freebies!

The entrance banner. 'Keep Calm & Talk Beauty'

Gift bags and goodies - thanks Em!

I've got enough products here to review for about 6 months! The goodie bags were so heavy! Getting three trains home was a challenge with the bags aha. I'm so glad that I managed to get a spot on the confirmed list of attendees! I met some really great girls too which is always good. I would have felt so lost without meeting up with them beforehand! 

Thank you again to Em for such a great day!

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  1. That looks so wonderful! And wow - that is a ton of products to review!

  2. Looks like such an amazing day! Lovely post x

  3. Lovely blog btw but I was there yesterday too, shame we didn't get to meet! Hope to see you at a northern event soon :)

    Paula ♥ | xo

  4. 3 trains?! I feel for you! Getting that bus was tricky enough! My left arm was aching so much whilst driving home, haha! Great post :) Looking forward to cocktails soon, making up for not drinking yesterday! xx

  5. It was such an amazing event wasn't it? I loved meeting so many amazing bloggers that I've read but finally I got to put faces to names!. The cocktails were good weren't they, I was the same, to busy having cocktails in hand half the time!


  6. Blogger meet-ups sound like fun, but really scary too if you don't know anyone. Glad you had a good time!
    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

  7. My two boy friends went to that! Even though they dont blog, but i can see them at the back of one of your pictures! I got a few of the goodies too that they recieved which is always a bonus :)

    ps, i dont have two boyfriends! you know what i meant hehe.

    Aycan xoxo


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