Friday, 5 April 2013

Another Haul!

Eek! I went shopping again. Give me money and I really can't help it! As well as whats shown here, I also bought a top and a blazer to wear at the North Meet Up, which I'll be blogging about on Sunday/Monday.
I think I'm going to give my bank card a rest now so expect reviews on these recent purchases soon.

Topshop nail varnishes in 'Parma Violet' and 'Keepin It Sweet', Two for £8
Topshop currently have an offer on their nail varnishes, so I bought these two. These are the two first pastel shades that I own so I'm excited to try them out. Pastels are always good for summer too so heres hoping for some actual sun!

Snoopy cup from Zara Home £5.99
How cute is this? I love Snoopy (I even have a Snoopy tattoo on my back). I originally bought this for my little one, but it's too nice and I didn't want to risk it breaking. I think I'll just use it to put my make up brushes in or something. 

Ice Cream Sundae scented candles from Primark £2 and £3.50
I really really really like the little vanilla jar candles from Primark so I have high hopes about these two candles. How nice do they look? I thought that I could keep bits and bobs in them once the candle is all used up. And they also make my flat look a little more summery after the dreaded snow we had last month.

MAC Studio Fix powder (£20.50) and liquid foundation in NC20 (£20.50) and blush in Sincere £17.50 
 The last time I went to MAC to have a colour match was in August in New York, and back then I was more tanned than I am now. As my current MAC powder is almost finished I though it would be wise to go back to MAC and get an updated skin match. The lovely lady sat me down and asked me what finish I would like and if I'd like to match to my face or my neck as my face is still a little darker than my neck. After I answered her questions, and more, she matched me against two colours, but I decided upon this shade as I think it looks more natural on me. I'm already naturally tanned so I don't need a foundation thats darker than my skin colour or I end up looking like I've been on holiday for too long. She also recommended this MAC blush which is a peachy shade. I'm not a fan of pink cheeks as I don't think they suit me so I went for this subtle blush.

Atlas Watch from Urban Outfitters £26
I've been wanting this watch for ages! I saw it a while ago but I didn't have the money to waste on it, and then when I came back with money it had gone! :(
So when I saw it today, I instantly snapped it up before it disappeared again. 

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  1. Was a Leeds festival ticket bought here by any chance ?? Xx
    Jade btw :)

  2. Omg look at the candles! So cute!

  3. Topshop nail polishes are seriously beautiful! Nice haul lovely xxx

  4. The nail polishes look so cute and I love the watch you got, it looks very vintage :)

    Jamie ♥


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